M A U I    P H O T O S

These photos are from when we visited Bruce and Nancy in 2007 and 2009.

  This is the front of the Bruce and Nancy's house as you see it when you pull into their driveway.  The 'guest' house is connected to the main building and is the part on the right.
This is the patio in the backyard.  The porch for the guest house is on the left.  The porch for the main house is in the back... you can see the lattice work of the main porch.  

Looking across some landscaping to the backyard patio.

  This is the view of the Pacific from the front porch.  The house is about a half mile from the coastline and at least 300 feet above sea level.  I watched a whale swim by while I was sitting on the porch.
This is the view of the ocean from the site of their new house... which they haven't started building yet.  This is another 50 feet higher and about 200 yards further from the ocean.  

This is a panorama of the view from the new house.

  Trees across the road. This is what you see when you pull out of the driveway.
Nancy and Sandra sitting around a fire on the patio.  Twit is holding the new dog (not named yet) and Sadie May is sitting on the swing with Twit.  
  One of the calves.  This one is named "Sandy".
One of the *many* roosters in the yard.  These suckers can crow at any moment... day or night.  
  A mother hen and her chicks.
One of the beaches.  This one is about 15 minutes down the road.  It is really pretty, but the waves are rough.  We'll sit and walk here, but we go to a different place to swim.  
  This is at a surfer beach which is pretty close to the above beach.  These waves can really be BIG.  They hold world-class surfing events at this site.
I tried my hand at surfing.

Double butts.

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