M O R E    M A U I    P H O T O S

  A pullover spot on the way into town from the farm.
This beach is also on the way into town.  It is known as the wind surfing capital of the world.  
  We spent a day and drove the 'Road to Hana'.  The road winds its way through a rain forrest to the east end of the island.  Lots of twisty turns as the road follows the north-east coastline.  We then took a road that continued on the southern side of the island, completing a loop around the island's huge volcano.
Along the road to Hana.
  There are dozens of waterfalls on the way to Hana.
"The Three Bears"
  A black-sand beach near the town of Hana
Black sand beach.
  A pretty church in a small village.
Tomb of Charles Lindbergh.

A grove of Rainbow Eucalyptus.

  A closer look at one of the rainbows.
This mongoose just stared at the car.

The view from the volcano summit (10,000+ feet).
The camera is facing west and you can see the ocean on the north and south sides from here.

  The crater of the volcano is very moon-like.
We gave Bruce and Nancy a break and spent a couple of nights in Lahaina on the other side of Maui.  This is the hotel where we stayed.  
  This is the huge banyan tree in the center of Lahaina.  It has dozens of trunks and covers about half of the park.
We saw a magic show here three years ago and enjoyed it so much we just had to do it again.  The magician does amazing close-up tricks and is very funny.  It was just as much fun this time around.  
  We got up at 4:45 one morning while at Lahaina to go on a whale watch cruise.
It was worth it.

  We also went to a sunset luau while in Lahaina.  Lots of food, drink and entertainment.



Relaxing on the beach.

Nice hat.

Even more photos from Maui