John and Sandra's 40 Acre Ozark Ranch

The farm is approximately 60 miles from Suson Ridge.  To get there, take Highway 21 (Tesson Ferry) south to Potosi, Missouri.  At Potosi, you will hit the intersection with Highway 8.  Note: This is the last opportunity for flush toilets, snacks, etc.

  Follow Highway 21 south straight through the intersection with Route 8.  Continue for 3.3 miles and then turn right onto Delbridge Road.  This road is probably not marked, but it veers off at an angle and goes down a slope.  This road is a oiled/graveled country road.

Go down Delbridge Road for 4.1 miles where you will find an iron gate on the right.  There are scattered homes along the first 2.5 miles of Delbridge Road.  The last 1.5 miles will be through woods.  Open the gate and follow the lane through the woods for .7 miles.  You end up at an open pasture in the valley.

The photo above shows the lane drawn in yellow.  The boundary of the farm is in red.  You enter the property while driving down the lane, but you probably will not notice any markings of a boundary.

The photo below is roughly the property of the farm.  Normal 40 acre plots are a 1/4 mile square.  Our property is 40 acres, but it is 1/2 mile wide (east to west) by 1/8 mile wide (north to south).

The lane is drawn in yellow.  The main fenced pasture is drawn in light green.  The two year-round creeks are drawn in blue.  These two creeks merge just a few feet south of our property.  The pond is outlined in light blue (near the east border).  The barn is indicated by a red box and the shed/barbeque house is a yellow box.

You can get an interactive map view at Google Maps

Immediately south of our property there is another hobby farm where you can see a couple of plowed fields and a barn.  This property is owned by two men (Rod and Paul) who worked with Sandra and I here in St. Louis.

The property to the north and to the east is owned by a family from Chicago.  They bought the property while we were in the UK and we've never met them.  So, we don't really know a lot about them.  Our lane meanders through some of their land.  We have deeded access for that and we all share the locked gate.  The Chicago people had a travel trailor along the lane close to the gate the last two times we were at the farm.

The last we knew, the property to the west is owned by Kerr-McGee Corporation.  There are a lot of hills and trees out there.

Real Estate Taxes are about $26.00 a year.  We pay $40 a year to the Belgrade Fire Department for a fire tag.  Electric and phone service is available in the shed/barbeque house.

The following photos were taken a long time ago with film and have been scanned.  Not very good quality, but you can get an idea of how things look.

This is a look at the barn.  This main entrance leads to three stalls and a ladder to the loft.  The left side of the barn is a 'lean-to' style extension that we added to the barn.  We kept our tractor in here.


This is an earlier shot of the old farmyard.  The blue-ish structure is the barbeque house/shed.  The barn is in back and does not yet have the extension.  You can see another building on the left that we tore down.


Another view of the barn from inside the 'corral'.  We kept three donkeys in the pasture and they used this barn for feed and to get out of the weather.  One of the creeks runs through part of this pasture, so the animals had water all year.


This is a view of the pasture.  We had about 6 acres that were fenced pasture.  There are another 5 or 6 acres that were cleared.  The rest of the property is the pond and woods.  We used some of the cleared/open areas for wildlife foodplots, fruit trees and a garden.


Another view of the pasture.


One of the creeks.


This is an autumn look at the pond.


Another view of the pond. 

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